Scalp Micropigmentation

Our professional will inject natural pigments into the desired area of the scalp to give you the appearance of hair follicles. We will customize the darkness, density and hairline based on your wants and your natural needs.This application is conducted in 3 different sessions to ensure we reach perfeccion.

Lila Studio offers Scalp Micropigmentation in the Henderson North Carolina area. Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical, results guaranteed, option for men and women. A form of cosmetic tattooing.

First visit is complimentary for consultation, Second visit for your first session, typically the longest session 1-4 hours. Third visit for your second session to add density / 1-3 hours. Fourth visit for your last session for perfeccion. One week between sessions is typical.

For Woman

Scalp Micropigmentation is often used by women to camouflage thinning hair. SMP is essentially the process of having your scalp cosmetically tattooed with tiny dots. The dots add density to the hair loss or thinning hair.SMP offers a way to replicate the appearance of thicker hair regardless of whether you have short or long hair. There's no invasive surgery, no scarring and no down time.


Due to high demands, I am usually booked out 1-2 months for permanent makeup. My schedule fills up quickly! Book online or email me [email protected]  to reserve your appointment date! 

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